Additionally, pre-charged pneumatic air guns must fire a projectile of at least 30 caliber in diameter and at least 150 grains in weight with a minimum muzzle velocity of 800 feet per second.

Hey, you can team up with your friends and shoot each other all you want, and nobody’s gonna die. There are usually 4 humans per 1 zombie at the start of the game.

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Also, unless you pay 70+ for the gun, it is probably very inaccurate compared to an AEG.

And it can jam and damage your 100$ airsoft gun. Be honest about when you are hit by shouting ‘hit’ and return to the designated re-spawn area. Consumes time when preparing gel beads.

Nothing that could kill a fellow reenactor or spectator is allowed on the field during events, and bullets are at the top of that list.

Can you shoot a pellet gun in your backyard? Airsoft guns may be a legal option for shooting in your backyard if all the criteria above are satisfied, however, some of you. It is one of the best airsoft guns when it comes to realistic shooting. .

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Although airsoft guns can be made to look like real weapons they are always identified by an orange tip which is a requirement in most areas.


2G BBs is the generally accepted BB weight when reading each gun's designated velocity. .

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Gas-powered airsoft guns chiefly use propane as propellent (commonly referred to as "green gas&"), although CO 2,, nitrogen,, and HFC134a refrigerant can also be used.
Each lane is set between the container for a particular gun and the targets intended to be shot by that gun.

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Consumes time when preparing gel beads.

You could use airsoft guns to shoot at each other in simulation games but that must never be experimented with BB guns. Best Airsoft Gun For Squirrels. A regular firearm can damage hearing or result in permanent hearing loss.

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It will surely damage your airsoft.

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Proper eye protection means eye goggles rated at least ANSI Z87.